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Pulsing - rhythmic body therapy

Pulsing uses gentle and nurturing approach to increase body awareness and sensitivity. Movements of lifting, shaking and swinging are applied to the passive body of the receiver in the matrix of rhythmic rocking, interspersed with moments of stillness. The treatment thus becomes an effortless dance, a shared physical meditation, a playful encounter conveying a message that life can be easier. Pulsing is not geared at relieving specific symptoms, providing instead an opportunity for holistic self-experience, easily taking the receiver beyond the average, restricted levels of functioning towards the exceptional and even the ecstatic.

• eases off discomfort and pain

• releases physical, psychological and emotional tension

increases flexibility and repertoire of movement

relaxes and energises

promotes self-healing and well-being

expands self-awareness

• supports process of self-discovery and growth

• is life-affirming, transforming and consciousness-expanding, taking you, the receiver, beyond the casual and toward ecstatic, extraordinary, toward joy and pleasure, flow and ease


The treatment lasts an hour and takes place on a couch or on the floor. No oil is used and the receiver may remain fully dressed as long as his or her movement is not limited.


Pulsing Therapist:

Kryspin Kochanowski