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Family Constellation

Family Constellation unlike many other types of therapy is not repair work. In this work we are not looking to fix something, we are opening safe space for a deeper reality to show itself. It is this process of focusing our awareness that can possibly lead to healing and growth. In the words of Bert Hellinger, we are 'setting growthful impulses in motion'. In this work we are opening ourselves to something bigger and letting ourselves be moved by an unknown force of healing. Very often these deeper movements lead initially into difficult feelings and then out into lightness. Sometimes they lead into realizing a difficult reality, the challenge then is in agreeing to the reality of what is, no matter how difficult.  

Family Constellation is the process by which we open space for the tension and difficulty associated with traumatic events within the Family System to be seen, felt consciously & released. Possibly unlocking the beauty that is being hidden beneath these repressed feelings. Very often in our everyday lives we are super focused on attaining our desires and 'getting what we want', what we often fail to acknowledge in this quest for freedom is that we are connected to certain limitations through being members of our Systems. Membership is not a choice, it is a deeper reality. We are all members of our Family Systems, Cultural Systems, Organisational Systems, Social Systems. Every system within which we are members gives us access to certain knowledge/capacity and at the same time places limitations upon us. We see that rejecting all systems consciously in favour of being 'unlimited' is impossible and whatever we reject we bind ourselves to more tightly at the sub-conscious level.
“The Only way out is through”.
In this work we find that there are deeper soul movements flowing through us that show us how closely binded to our family systems, their beliefs & their traumas we really are. These deeper movements support us to contact a deeper reality and to more fully embody our limitations. From this space we are more free to be carried by lighter movements towards our heart's calling. Constellation work teaches us to accept ourselves as we are and surrender to what life brings, leading to a place where we can create our lives how we want them in sync with the larger deeper reality.

Constellation Practitioners