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 Maryna Cassar BSc(Hons) Herbal Medicine, MCPP

Maryna Cassar, a London based Medical Herbalist, provides holistic approach to her patients health problems. She deals with the underlying problems as well as the symptoms. Spending significant amount of time for initial consultation allows her to get in-depth insights into underlying health problems and get a better understanding of the cause of the health condition. She works in a friendly and relaxed way ending up with a treatment plan including life style/dietary advice and herbal prescription. She carefully selects herbal medication designed for each person individually. Where necessary, physical examination is performed and medical tests are recommended to prove the clinical diagnosis.
Some Key Points
• Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Herbal Medicine
• Diagnostic skills and clinical training in a similar way to doctors
• Up-to-date clinical and scientific knowledge
• Fully-Insured and practicing a strict Code of Conduct
• Member of The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy
• Research interests
• High-rate of training and experience in treating a wide range of conditions
• Area of special interest: systemic chronic inflammation, vitality and longevity
• Developing herbal support for various health issues
• Renowned for her treatment for increasing vital energy and stabilising the
  essential balance of body, mind and spirit.
• Consultant for healthy lifestyle
  Works in The Healthy Living Centre in Islington
• Trained and worked with profound and well-known Medical Herbalists in the UK
• Has Ukrainian background with traditional understanding and use of herbs
• Has an extensive experience in growing organic and biodynamic herbs and vegetables
A bit more about Marynas training:

Maryna qualified from the University of East London Herbal Medicine School.
She undertook rigorous training in clinical diagnostic,physical examination,
pharmacology and phytomedicine.She acquired over 500hours of supervised
clinical experience at both the London Stratford Herbal Clinic and WippsCross
Hospital dermatology department.During this time Maryna encountered a
number of patients with a wide range if different health issues,gaining valuable
experience and insight into the numerous health complains herbal medicine can
benefit. As a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, Maryna
follows continuing professional development programme to ensure a high
standard of practice and knowledge is maintained.
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