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Beatrice Pelissier

Services offered:

Guided meditation – Yoga for Wellbeing – Wellbeing workshops
Small groups & Private


Wednesday: 7pm-8pm Mindful yoga & Guided meditation (mindful movements, breathing
meditation, yoga Nidra)
All levels – Perfect for people with physical/mental stress, back problems, eager to learn tools to relax and respond better to stress
-Wellbeing Yoga (mindful movement to stretch, tone and relax the body)
All levels
-Xpress “Clear your mind” (mindful movement, guided meditation)
Sunday Wellbeing workshop: 2 Sundays per month –
Enquire reception or email Beatrice for more details on the theme, schedule and availability.


Rates for Yoga and guided meditation 60 minutes: first time £7, £12 drop-in or £45 for 5 classes prepaid
Rate for 30-minute meditation lunchtime: first time £4, £7 drop-in or £25 for 5 prepaid
Rates for Sunday Workshops: £25 if Sundays bought separately, £42 for both Sundays
1:1 or 2:1 session are available on demand (Thursday morning and Sundays). 30 minutes (£30)
or 60 minutes (£55)
Booking is required – Yoga mats are provided. Please bring warm clothes for the meditation.


Qualifications and trainings:

Diploma in Yoga Education (University of Health & Sport in Lille, France)
Yoga Teacher Training from Bihar School, Satyananda tradition, India,
Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Yoga Campus)
Therapeutic Yoga Practices for your Physical and Emotional Health with Marc Beuvain (Yoga
Buddhist & Meditation course, North London Buddhist Centre
Educator retreat at the Plum Village, France, Thich Nhat Hanh


Yoga and meditation came into her life in 2004 as she had to cope with a very stressful lifestyle.
She was running a software company in Montreal, competed in rock climbing and squash. Yoga allowed her to find balance, manage her emotions, reduce daily stress and prevent injuries.
Beatrice started teaching yoga and meditation in 2012 after she immersed herself 2 months in a traditional yoga ashram in India. In 2014, she graduated from the Health & Sport University of
Lille, in France, in Yoga Education. This one year studies allowed her to deepen her knowledge of the body and mind connection and gave her a more educative and systematic approach toward yoga and meditation and how best to integrate it into the western environment.
Her understanding of the corporate world (postural, deadlines, challenges, performance…)
makes her a great teacher for corporate wellbeing program and one-to-one coaching. She also teaches yoga and meditation to people with specific health conditions such as cancer, sickle cells, HIV, food disorder and stress-related conditions.
Her approach to teaching is very intuitive, accurate, progressive and tailored-made. Her
challenge is to bring yoga outside the mat and empower people to a sustainable self-practice.
“Yoga is an art of living and can be practised in many forms and at any time.”
She runs well-being workshops and retreats in Thailand and Europe.

Message from Beatrice:

"Yoga and meditation offer valuable tools to improve our daily life, whether it's stress, life
difficulties, decisions-making or just being present in the moment. Yoga is a way of living and discovering ourselves to be more attuned and connected with Life”.
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